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  • Retro Stock Videos Archival Library

    A home movie footage collection of 33,000+ video clips worldwide from 1930s thru 1980s.

  • Old Footage Preservation

     Why License Our Video Clips?

    Original footage never before seen:

    • Your support helps save fragile archival films before they degrade further losing unique historic perspectives forever.
    • ALL of the physical films are property released and actual master reels are stored in our preservation vault. 
    • You can trust that our videos are 100% unique and original.

    Our innovations in video capture include:

    • Manual speed adjustment with true speed time preservation technique and custom action crop movement
    • Modern LED lighting, modified achromatic reverse convex lens.
    • We are constantly improving our capture systems and process.

    Our post-processing excellence include:

    • Professional cinematic retro color correction,
    • Original film degrain filters, exact first and last clean frame.
    • Artisan care goes into every video to make the finished clip the best it can possibly be, while still preserving the integrity of the original vision from the cinematographer.
  • Archival Showreels

    Short movies highlighting stock footage clips from historic collections.

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    Bulks discount and direct sales available, just let us know which clips you are interested in and we'd love to work directly with you.


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